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  • Thanklessgiving

    It is that  time of year. People believe they are nicer, share stories of goodwill, and perform good deeds for others. Some reflect on the past and make plans to make amends for lapses in judgment, embarrassing displays of candor,… Read More ›

  • Acknowledgement of Failure

    Parents bother me. Parents of children of all ages. Most parents are ardent cheerleaders for their patently mediocre or horrible kids. These are the parents of children who lose races, miss a goal, fail tests, aren’t admitted, get into fights,… Read More ›

  • A Punch for You

    There are times when observing people (who are not necessarily the dregs of society) that I feel the insatiable urge to throw a punch aimed at an offender. I’m not talking an air punch or just a tap; I’m talking… Read More ›

  • Last Meetings

    I believe in providing those around me with an accurate impression of how they fare in my future. As such, I have found it necessary over the years to alert an insignificant number of friends and acquaintances that “Our present… Read More ›

  • The One-Degreeer

    I infrequently but seriously consider individuals whose jobs afford them a degree of control over others. When I say “degree,” I mean one single degree, not to be confused with multiple degrees. I think about parking enforcement “officers,” security guards,… Read More ›

  • Artistic Corporate Greed

    While making good on my one-night-only promised visit to my brother Fabro in New York City last weekend, Fabro suggested we go to an art show/exhibition/experience in Long Island City, which, as a general rule is not something I’m keen… Read More ›